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  Customer Service for Mail Orders

Thank your for your order. 

  • Allow 3 weeks for delivery of your order.  If it has been greater than 3 weeks, contact customer service at the address listed below.  You may use the form below to supply the information needed to track your order.
  • If you ordered more than one item, they may have been shipped separately.
  • All items are fully guaranteed.  If there is a problem please use this form and we will quickly correct it.

---- Print the following 
Mail to the address on the form ----

Mail To:  
Information Products Co.

ATTN: Customer Service
1862 Apperson Dr.
P.O. Box 12842
Roanoke, VA  24029-2842

If mailing address is different from the address on the labels, please use separate sheet of paper to provide the additional information.
LABELS:  Please Print correct information:

Color #: ________   Style: __ Block  __ Italic  __ Initial

Quantity: __ 250  __ 500

Do not return all labels.
in the
space to the right and list
the correct label information

(Line 1)_________________________________________________

(Line 2)_________________________________________________

(Line 3)_________________________________________________

(Line 4)_________________________________________________